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What is included: Every 90 Days

  • Hair Follicle Kit + Overview report
  • 90 Days worth of solution


How it works:

By balancing out the horse's body nutritionally, it begins to fix itself.


FIX IT- The first 90 days we are focused on improving the more concerning issues. 

MAINTAIN - The second 90 days is focused on maintaining the progress and allowing the body to focus on the newer, smaller deficiencies to address the deeper rooted health concerns. 

PREVENT - By not allowing deficiencies to be present for longer than 90 days, you give your horse the best opportunity to optimize performance and stay on top of symptoms before they become a problem.

90-Day All-in Wellness Program

$762.00 Regular Price
$637.00Sale Price
Price Options
Annual Program
Fix + Maintain + Prevention
$573.30every 3 months for 12 months

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